In Paris With You

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In Paris With You
1 Don't talk to me of love I've had an earful And i get tearful when I've downed a drink or two. I'm one of your talking, wounded. I'm a hostage. I'm maroonded. But I'm in Paris with you.
1.1 Don't- negative imperative: man sounds aggressive and possessive and could hint to why his previous relationship failed and why the current fling he has isn't successful
1.2 earful- suggests he's had enough of love
1.3 downed a drink or two- suggest that he has had a drink
1.3.1 errors in language- maroonded and talking dead suggest that the alcohol he has drunk has taken an influence
1.4 talking wounded- pun for war terminology of walking wounded which is a soldier injured in battle but able to walk around
1.4.1 suggests thats how he feels about himself- he was hurt by the ending of his previous relationship but he's still able to go to paris and have a physical relationship
1.5 I'm a hostage. I'm maroonded- suggests he feels trapped by this situation and that he is alone in an inescapable place. Maroonded is a play on the real word
1.6 But I'm in Paris with you- direct address also But is a term thats used to contrast what has been said previously, so this could be taken a s a positive or a negative
2 Yes I'm angry at the way Ive been bamboozled And resentful at the mess i've been through. I admit i'm on the rebound And i don't care where are WE bound. I'm in Paris with you.
2.1 Yes- suggests that he is answering a question unknown to the audience from the lover. Also tells us that the poem is taken in a dramatic monologue style
2.2 bamboozled- specific word, significant, stands out, means fooled and cheated which could suggest that the ending of his previous relationship was down to the wife/girlfriend cheating on him or playing him for a fool e.g. she was never going to come on the romantic trip to France.
2.2.1 the word stands out and makes the reader/audience see him as a victim for the first time
2.3 resentful- he is very angry at the way he's been treated by his previous lover
2.4 rebound- not a significant relationship and he admits this to her
2.5 i don't care where are WE bound- we see him as an uncaring possessive man again. use of italics in WE suggests that the woman he's with has asked him where their relationship is going and he's basically said that there is no we and that he doesn't view them as a couple or in a relationship--> there is no love
3 Do you mind if we don't go to the Louvre, If we say sod off to the sodding Notre Dame, if we skip the Champs Elysees And remain here in this sleazy Old hotel room Doing this and that To what and whom Learning who you are, Learning what i am
3.1 this paragraph is indented--> its significant--> shows stanza is different as the poet is going to stop moaning and reveal his intentions
3.1.1 different form- doesn't start with Don't and also doesn't finish with Im in Paris with you COMPARISON- like the last line in Nettles and Brothers or the volta in sonnet 43 it reveals a message of the poem. Difference in structure and form shows how important this verse is
3.2 comma- used instead of a question mark shows that its not a question but its a demand--> reflects his dominant, possessive and uncaring nature and could hint to why first relationship broke up
3.3 Louvre- is a museum--> looks at past events--> he doesn't want to go there because he doesn't want to dwell on the past and his past relationship
3.4 Notre Dame- is a cathedral--> symbolises marriage--> doesn't want to go there and be reminded of his previous marriage/ plans of marriage with girlfriend
3.5 Champs Elysees- famous street in Paris with assorted cafes and restaurants-->only worth visiting with someone special
3.6 sleazy- first sexual word in poem, forced rhyme with Elysees- the forcing of rhyme shows that he is nervous for his sexual intentions towards this mystery woman to be rejected so he is trying to be funny/cheeky---> not working so well
3.7 doing this and that- downplaying seriousness for sexual gratification--> by referring to intimate sexual relations as this and that he is sure to offend the reader/ the woman he is with--> presents him again as UNCARING
3.8 to what and whom- impersonal and insensitive--> suggests relationship is more like a business transaction "to whom this may concern etc" which could hint to previous theory of the woman being a prostitute
3.9 learning who you are, learning what i am- tells us that he doesn't really know this person and that he thinks by sleeping with her he will get to know her more also what i am suggests that he doesn't know much about his identity--> could have been challenged in previous relationship e.g. you're a pig etc
3.9.1 his desire to find out the answer whilst sleeping with her portrays him as sinister and twisted
4 Don't talk to me of love. Lets talk of Paris, The little bit of Paris in our view. Theres a crack across the ceiling And the hotel walls are peeling And I'm in Paris with you.
4.1 Dont--> reverted back to stanza form which suggests he has been rejected and that woman would prefer to talk
4.2 crack... peeling- language of decay symbolises his broken and negative mood. tells us that he is a glass half empty kind of guy--> he's in Paris city of love yet he's impossible to please--> why the woman left him?
4.3 crack across the ceiling- have to be lying down/ looking up which could suggest they are on a bed and that the woman is finally starting to give in or that they are actually in a sleazy hotel and there really isn't any where else they could sit
5 Don't talk to me of love. Lets talk of Paris. I'm in Paris with the slightest thing you do. I'm in Paris with your eyes, your mouth, I'm in Paris with... all points south. Am i embarrassing you? I'm in Paris with you.
5.1 Paris- used for a metaphor of love in this stanza
5.2 Im in Paris with.. all points South--> he's being sexual and it suggest he is pointing out his lack of erection as his penis is facing south and that the woman is not arousing him and thats the whole point of her being here
5.3 am i embarrassing you? its embarrassing for her not to arouse him, maybe could act as a hint for her to try to arouse him to prove that she could
6 I'm in Paris with you
6.1 stress could be on YOU- I'm here with you aren't I? why question me// I'm here with you (downplay) so not happy he's here with you--> resentful
6.2 stress could be on I'm- meaning i can't believe I'm in Paris with you
6.3 stress on Paris- how can you question me when I've taken you to Paris--> city of love etc
6.4 paris- city of love and romance
6.5 you- direct address--> could be a stranger, friend, ex lover or maybe even a prostitute
6.6 alternative interpretation
6.6.1 maybe the theme of the poem is savour the moment making the most of now and not dwelling on the past or future
6.6.2 repetition of I'm in Paris with you is used to emphasise point about enjoying the present
6.6.3 narrator ignores typical romantic settings because being together is more important than the typical romantic locations
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