Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

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Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development
1 is
1.1 based on the central idea that children are active and motivated learners
1.1.1 meaning Children will experiment with objects and are naturally curious about their world For example We often observe children playing with their food, squishing it and throwing it around Parents and educators will observe children, at some point, placing non-edible items into their mouths because Children are naturally curious and experimental Children will, "actively seek out information that can help them understand", their world. (McDevitt, Ormrod, Cupit, Chandler & Aloa, 2013, pp 205).
1.2 understanding that children organise what they learn into schemes
1.2.1 which are "an organised group of actions or thoughts (derived from actions) that are used repeatedly in understanding and responding to the environment". (McDevitt et al., 2013, pp 205). initially begin as behavioural or instinctual nature but eventually are transformed from acts into abstract thoughts
1.3 being aware that children adapt to their environments
1.3.1 through the process of assimilation in which children respond to a new object (or event) "in a way that is consistent with an existing scheme". (McDevitt et al., 2013, pp 206). for example a child sees a zebra for the first time and calls it a horse the process of accomodation which entails children being able to adjust the assimilated scheme to either modify an existing scheme for example when a child accommodates information, they takes into account the differences between a zebra and a horse leading to their original assumption of what a horse is to be modified to include zebras in some category form a new scheme to deal with the situation
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