Stages Of Mitosis

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Stages Of Mitosis
1 1) Prophase
1.1 1. Chromatin Starts To Contract
1.2 2. Chromosomes Duplicate
1.3 3. The Nucleolus Disappears
1.4 4. Spindle Fibres Appear In The Cytoplasm
1.5 5. The Nuclear Membrane Starts To Break Down
2 2) Metaphase
2.1 1. The Nuclear Membrane Completes Its Breakdown
2.2 2. A Spindle Fibre From Each Pole Attaches To Each Centromere
2.3 3. The Chromosomes Line Up In The Middle Of The Cell
3 3) Anaphase
3.1 1. The Spindle Fibres Contract
3.2 2. One Strand From Each Double-Stranded Chromosome Is Pulled To Opposite Poles Of The Cell
3.3 3. Anaphase Is The Shortest Phase In Mitosis
4 4) Telophase
4.1 1. The Spindle Fibres Break Down
4.2 2. One Or More Nucleolus Begin To Re-Form
4.3 3. A nuclear Membrane Forms Around Each Clump Of Chromatin At Each Of The Two Poles