Home Economics A2 Unit 2 Food, Nutrition and Health

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Home Economics A2 Unit 2 Food, Nutrition and Health
1 Nutritional and dietary needs of different groups
1.1 The elderly
1.2 Adults
1.3 Babies, pre-school children, school age children
1.4 Adolescents
1.5 Vegetarians
1.6 Pregnant and lactating women
2 Properties of Food
2.1 Food commodoities
2.2 Performance characteristics of eggs and flour
2.3 Behaviour changes in food
2.4 Food additivities
3 Nutrients and Energy
3.1 Minerals
3.2 Micronutreints
3.2.1 Water soluble vitamins
3.2.2 Fat soluble vitamins
3.3 Carbohydrates
3.3.1 Sugars
3.3.2 Sources of
3.3.3 Dietary Fibre
3.4 Fats
3.4.1 Sources of
3.4.2 Structure of fats and oils
3.5 Protein
3.5.1 Biological value
3.5.2 Novel sources
3.6 Energy
3.6.1 Why the body needs energy
3.6.2 Sources of
3.6.3 Energy balance
4 Introduction to Nutrition
4.1 Concept of nutrition
4.2 Balanced diet
4.3 Nutritional and energy requirements
4.4 Malnutrition
5 Design, Development and production of new product
5.1 Food products design, development and production
5.2 Design, development and poruction costs
5.3 Importance of sensory testing
5.4 Risk assessment in the food industry
5.5 Importance of food packaging
5.6 Food and nutritional labelling
6 Developments in the Food Industry
6.1 Current issues in the UK Food Indsurty
6.2 Major factors affecting food production
6.3 Product range developmens
6.4 Changes in availability and supply
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