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online services
1 vle (virtual learning enviroment)
1.1 a type of a vle is moodle
1.1.1 example of a use is your school or collage may use these for you toacces lecture notes and assigments benifits allows the school collage to track the submissions of learners work
2 comunication
2.1 emails, social networking, conferences and blogs
2.1.1 you get instant responses from people that live far away from you and it is also free unlike texts and calls
2.2 examples are facebook, twitter and skype
3 education
3.1 it allows you to do learning at the comfort of your own computer and also at your own pace.
3.1.1 examples are microsoft and windows 7 types of this are online learning, online training, manufacturers and online tutorials
4 government
4.1 it saves you going to the post office and also u can take more time filling in the form so you can avoid any errors
4.1.1 a examole of a use is applying for your provisional driving licence types of this are, tax returns, e-voting and applications for grants and benifits
5 buisness
5.1 types, buisness network, collaberative working, video conferencing
5.1.1 examples are a price comparisson website where you touch on buisness usage. allows you to get the best price on purchases
6 real time information
6.1 benifits are that provides up to date information.companies use it so they can see the publics reation to an advertisment
6.1.1 examples are, checking an airport website for expected arrival times. it is the same for bus times aswell types of this is, timetable, sports updates, weather reports, travel news.
7 entertainment
7.1 there is entertani,ent all over the web with things such as youtube game websites and things like that
7.1.1 you can play games with other people over the internet it allows you to play with people that you may not know
8 download services
8.1 types are music, films, new software, softwear update, games
8.1.1 examples are, downloading music from a service such as itunes or amazon makes purchasers easier and more affordable
9 commerce
9.1 it allows people to carry out transactions without having to use physical money. A site that accepts card details instead of physical money is PayPal
9.1.1 a example is, selling something through a service such as ebay or amazon. types of this are, banking, auctions, online sales, publishing
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