Much Ado About Nothing

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Connecting the Characters

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Much Ado About Nothing
1 Leonato
1.1 The governor of Messina; He is very sentimental and hospitable, and appreciative of those who have fought.
2 Hero
2.1 She is very kind, sweet, and polite, and she doesn't talk much. Claudio says that he is in love with her, and finds her very beautiful.
2.1.1 Leonato is Hero's father
3 Beatrice
3.1 Beatrice is witty and makes a lot of smart remarks, especially with and about Benedick. She doesn't have much faith in love.
3.1.1 Hero and Beatrice are cousins and best friends
3.1.2 Beatrice and Benedick argue a lot and act like they hate each other
4 Benedick
4.1 Benedick is a soldier who does not trust women because he does not believe in love. He is very cynical and witty.
4.1.2 Benedick and Claudio fought together and are friendly towards each other
5 Don John
5.1 At first Don John is polite, but then he is shown to be rather morose and evil. He is often sad without much reason and does not like many people, including his brother.
5.1.1 Don John is Don Pedro's illegitimate brother
5.1.2 Don John stays in Leonato's house with the other soldiers after they are done fighting.
6 Claudio
6.1 Claudio is a very brave soldier who did exceptionally well in the war. He falls in love with Hero, much to Benedick's dismay.
7 Don Pedro
7.1 Don Pedro is a soldier who is very appreciative to those who fight under him and those who assist him, like Leonato. He is polite and kind.
7.1.1 Don Pedro was Claudio's leader when they were fighting
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