Post-WW2 Politics

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Events and politics after the Second World War and the start of the Cold War.

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Post-WW2 Politics
1 War Conferences
1.1 Yalta Conference, Feb 1945
1.1.1 Plans Germany after WW2 Germany and Berlin to be divided amongst the Allied powers Germany to be defeated, disarmed and forced to pay reparations Other USSR and Polish borders to move West USSR to have influence in Eastern Europe USSR to declare war on Japan
1.1.2 Tensions Roosevelt & Churchill did not want to change Poland's borders Stalin wanted all of Berlin and its industries
1.1.3 Churchill, Roosevelt & Stalin
1.2 Potsdam Conference, July 1945
1.2.1 Plans Plans at Yalta were finalised
1.2.2 Tensions USSR wanted to cripple Germany but Truman did not want to repeat Versailles USA had the atomic bomb Truman was anti-Communist and resented USSR's presence in Eastern Europe
1.2.3 Atlee, Truman & Stalin
2 American Foreign Policy
2.1 Truman Doctrine
2.1.1 Marshall Plan Pledged $17bn to Europe Congress refused Czechoslovakia was taken over by Communists General Marshall sent to assess economic situation in Europe
2.1.2 1947
2.1.3 "resist subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures"
2.1.4 To send money, equipment and advice to countries at risk from Communism
3 Berlin Blockade
3.1 Berlin Airlift
3.1.1 Immediate reaction to the bloackade Lasted 318 days Stalin reopened lines in May 1949 1.5 million tonnes of supplies
3.1.2 Operation Vittles
3.2 Reasons
3.2.1 New currency introduced in 1948
3.2.2 Bizone was formed and Trizone became the Federal Republic of Germany
3.2.3 Stalin wanted Germany crippled
3.3 June 1948, all supply lines were blocked
3.4 Stalin hoped the Allies would abandon Berlin
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