Mr & Mrs Bennet

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Mr & Mrs Bennet
1 Mr Bennet
1.1 Likeable
1.1.1 Clever
1.1.2 Dry sense of humour
1.1.3 Teases Mrs B... "I have a high respect for your nerves. They are my old friends."
1.2 Comic
1.2.1 Enjoys mocking people Especially Mr Collins Mr Bennet has "great hopes of finding him quite the reverse," of sensible
1.3 Similar to liz
1.3.1 Share same opinion Mr Collins proposal "I will never see you again if you do."
1.3.2 Makes reader view him positively
2 Mrs Bennet
2.1 Isn't very bright
2.1.1 "uncertain temper"
2.2 Caricature
2.2.1 Hysterical Unaware of her own flaws
2.3 Ironic humour
2.3.1 Main aim is to get her daughters married She is the biggest obstacle to their marriage prospects
2.4 Bad example
2.4.1 Austen uses humour to make a serious point Materialism Lack of self-awareness Contribute to Lyd's recklessness
3 Marriage
3.1 Their marriage is based on shallow attraction
3.1.1 Youth & beauty
3.1.2 Not enough to be happy
3.1.3 Nothing in common, no 'real affection'
3.2 Mr Bennet
3.2.1 Not much happiness
3.2.2 Laughing 'Ignorance and folly'
3.2.3 Mrs B can't "understand his character"
3.3 Children
3.3.1 unhappy marriage negatively affects them
3.3.2 Mrs B= bad influence Mr Bennet= bad parenting He either laughs at bad behaviour or avoids it
3.4 Liz
3.4.1 Liz sees all the disadvantages of her parents marriage
3.4.2 Makes her determined to marry someone she LOVES & RESPECTS
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