Wolsey and the Justice system

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Wolsey and the Justice system
1 The Court of Chancery
1.1 civil court
1.1.1 Dealt with Property Wills Trusts
1.2 Judgments based on
1.2.1 Equity
1.2.2 Fairness Suited Wolsey Had no legal training
1.3 Wolsey heard cases from
1.3.1 Rich Wolsey took bribes Greed
1.3.2 Poor Reputation Justice
1.4 Heard about 540 cases a year
2 The Court of Star Chamber
2.1 Represented the Kings Justice
2.1.1 Wolsey essentially replaced the King
2.2 Criminal Court
2.2.1 Corruption
2.3 When a judgement went against the rich Wolsey was blamed
2.3.1 Wolsey was seen to dislike the rich
2.4 Heard about 120 cases a year
3 Was Wolsey fair in his use of Justice
3.1 some suggest
3.1.1 Wolsey used the courts to bring down his opponents
3.2 Favoured the Poor
3.2.1 Enclosure Investigation Prosecute Landlords Wolsey continued even after Parliament forced him to suspend the investigation
3.3 Prejudice against the rich
3.3.1 1515, the Earl of Northumberland was sent to prison for abusing his aristotic rights
3.4 Made sure that the Kings Justice was maintained
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