Why did Henry VIII break with Rome?


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Why did Henry VIII break with Rome?
  1. The Role of Anne Boleyn
    1. She was a Protestant
      1. Introduced Henry to theological works
        1. Simon Fish "The Supplication of Beggars"
          1. William Tyndale "Obedience of the Christian Man"
          2. Encouraged radicals such as Thomas Cranmer
            1. All 10 bishops appointed while Anne was Queen were reformers
            2. Henry wanted a male heir to Anne
              1. Catherine was going through the menopause
                1. Thought God was punishing him with Leviticus and Deutronomy
                  1. Mary was now illegitimate
                    1. Henry needed a male to be stable
                    2. The role of Thomas Cranmer
                      1. Geeky academic who was a strong Protestant
                        1. Got opinion on the H+C divorce from leading European universities
                          1. Drafted the Ten Articles (1536) and the Bishops Book (1537)
                          2. To increase Henry's powers in England + to lower the Pope's authority
                            1. Felt that the Pope was higher than him
                              1. The Pope was seen as more powerful than Henry
                                1. Henry wanted to be very powerful, links to his foreign policy ideas
                              2. The role of Thomas Cromwell
                                1. Drafted much of the Reformation
                                  1. Drafted the bills that freed Henry from control of Rome
                                    1. Promoted Protestant ideas in England
                                    2. Instrumental in the dissolution of the monestaries
                                    3. Anti-clerical feeling in England
                                      1. People were against the Church so could rebel
                                        1. Henry didn't have the strongest hold on England after the War of the Roses anyway
                                          1. Links to wanting a male heir
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