Why did Cromwell fall from power?


Royal marriages, factional rivalries or religious policies?
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Why did Cromwell fall from power?
  1. Factional rivalries
    1. Cromwell's enemies at court made use of the failed Cleves marriage
      1. The Duke of Norfolk used his niece, Catherine Howard, to gain influence with Henry again
        1. Catherine was encouraged to spread rumours about Cromwell at court
        2. Norfolk accused Cromwell of protecting a group of extreme Protestants in Calais - to drive a wedge between Cromwell and Henry
          1. Norfolk conversed with the King of France in 1540
            1. They discussed the fall of Cromwell and a restart of war between France and the Holy Roman Empire
              1. This improved Norfolk's relationship with Henry
          2. Religious policies
            1. Cromwell could make religious decisionson behalf of the King because of his appointment as vicegerent in spirituals in 1535
              1. Cromwell's Protestant ideas were too radical for Henry
                1. Henry was influenced by religious conservatives eg Steven Gardiner
                  1. Lambert's death was followed by a royal proclamation against heretics and showed Henry's more conservative views on religion
                    1. This was further confirmed by the Act of Six Articles which reinforced Catholic ideas eg transubstantiation
                    2. Royal marriages
                      1. Cromwell arranged the Anne of Cleves marriage. Henry thought Cleves ugly and blamed Cromwell for the marriage's failure
                        1. This weakened Henry's relationship with Cromwell
                          1. Henry also disliked Cromwell's extreme reformist policies
                        2. Hapsburg-Valois conflict ended the need for a Protestant alliance
                          1. Numerous marriages displeased the Pope
                            1. Pope excommunicated Henry in 1538
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