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Mind map for BLOA.

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1 Principles
1.1 Animal research can give insight into human behaviour
1.1.1 Rosenzweig & Bennet, Martinez & Kesner
1.2 Patterns of behaviour can be genetically inherited
1.2.1 Bouchard (Minnesota Twin Study), Money
1.3 There are biological correlates for behaviour
1.3.1 Kasamatsu and Hirai
2 Research methods
2.1 Martinez & Kesner (E), HM (Case), Bouchard (Corr.)
3 Ethical considerations
3.1 Money, Martinez & Kesner
4 Localisation of function
4.1 Maguire
5 Effect of neurotransmission
5.1 Kasamatsu & Hirai (serotonin), Martinez & Kesner (Ach)
6 Function of hormones
6.1 Schachter & Singer (adrenaline),
7 Effects of environment on physiology
7.1 Rosenzweig & Bennet, Maguire (brain plasticity)
8 Interaction between cognition and physiology
8.1 HM (MRI), Mosconi (Alzheimer, PET)
9 Brain imaging technologies
9.1 Maguire (PET)
10 Genetic inheritance
10.1 Bouchard (Minnesota)
11 Evolutionary explanation
11.1 Fessler, Curtis et al.
12 Ethical considerations in genetic influence research
12.1 Bouchard
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