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1 Maintain Friendship
1.1 Write letters and email
1.1.1 LETTERS written record of what we receive spend more time to think before write a letters improve writing skills
1.1.2 EMAILS the cheapest way possible if having computers
1.2 Telephone
1.2.1 spontaneous and have immediate response
1.2.2 opportunities develop speaking skills
1.2.3 speed of thought
1.2.4 hear each other's voice
1.3 Sending gifts or cards on special occasions
1.3.1 keeping touch with old friend
1.3.2 simple gift on a special occasions speaks more tahn words
1.3.3 birthday or anniversary
1.3.4 meaningfully and beautifully written words in cards
1.4 Meeting each other regularly
1.4.1 warm way to maintain friendship
1.4.2 impractical if not in the same city or town
1.4.3 proceeding onto different endeavours
2 Social Problems
2.1 Pornographic material
2.1.1 easily avaible
2.1.2 need a proper guidance
2.1.3 in an impressionable age
2.1.4 mislead them to think that it's all right indulge in such behavior
2.2 Influence in certain types of music
2.2.1 certain types of music and the singer have a very bad influence
2.2.2 behave badly and dance in an indecent manners
2.2.3 the teenagers might mimic the dressing that can indecent in some cases
2.2.4 certain music are loud words are crude body movement vulgar
2.3 Lack of parental guidance
2.3.1 both parents working away from the home
2.3.2 children left in the care of maids, baby-sitters, and school teacher
2.3.3 parents spend very little time unaware of the friends and activities
2.4 Peer influence
2.4.1 friends are important to young people
2.4.2 they want to impress and belong to a group
2.4.3 peer influence smoking hanging out video arcade shopping malls extortation
3 Causes of Stress
3.1 expectations of parents
3.1.1 education become rat race
3.1.2 they want to excel in order to get good education
3.1.3 push their chidren
3.1.4 some children don't want let their down
3.2 expectation of teacher
3.2.1 respected and admired by students
3.2.2 their want to see their students excel
3.2.3 push the students
3.3 peer pressure
3.3.1 friends are important
3.3.2 push themselves to excel in exams extra-curricular activities
3.3.3 impress their friends
3.4 personal problem
3.4.1 finance
3.4.2 health
3.4.3 problems at home
3.4.4 anxiety faced by students
3.4.5 didn't want to talk or share their problems
3.4.6 carry heavy burden
4 Appreciation for Parents
4.1 performing well in school
4.1.1 parents spends lots times and effort
4.1.2 to provide them with good education
4.1.3 gratify by doing well in schools
4.2 helping with the household chores
4.2.1 mothers knows that their children interest appreciate what they do for them
4.2.2 reduce their burden
4.2.3 save time and effort
4.3 showing good behaviour
4.3.1 parents will know they have their children well
4.3.2 gratifed
4.3.3 happy
4.3.4 their behaviours reflect of their parents' values and attitudes
4.3.5 make parents proud of them
4.3.6 happy introducing their friends to them
4.4 spending quality time with them
4.4.1 parents will appreciate children making time to talk over their problem
4.4.2 feel they are a part of their children's lives
4.4.3 talking to them
4.4.4 spending time
4.4.5 them feel wanted and appriciate
4.4.6 brings family closer together
4.4.7 strengthen the bonds
5 Bullying
5.1 schools rules are not strictly enforced
5.1.1 parents do not take any interest in their children's activities parents are the ultimate authority figures in every child's life they have most control over their children the children left maids baby-sitters school teachers
5.1.2 schools bullies are influenced by their friends
5.1.3 schools bullies are influenced by violent movies or computers games
5.1.4 maintain discipline in schools
5.1.5 unsure every student are equals
5.1.6 no one should allowed to disobey the rules
5.1.7 suppress the tendency of bullies to use force fear
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