Writing your research paper

Sheena Gardner
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Sheena Gardner
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an overview of the research process

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Writing your research paper
  1. How and where to begin research
    1. Review the assignment
      1. Sources
        1. how many?
          1. what type?
            1. primary or secondary?
              1. peer reviewed?
                1. empirical research?
              2. Citation style?
                1. APA
                  1. MLA
                    1. Chicago
                2. Organize!
                  1. Think
                    1. Research
                      1. thesis statement and outline
                        1. first draft
                          1. rewrite and revise
                            1. print and edit
                        2. scan for information


                          • encyclopedias  reference books
                          1. OneSearch
                            1. books (printed and electronic)
                              1. Journals
                                1. databases
                                  1. DVDs
                                    1. newspapers and trade magazines
                                    2. "Doing Research"
                                      1. research
                                        1. think critically about what you read
                                          1. can you id the thesis?
                                            1. track and record your research
                                              1. EBSCOhost folder
                                                1. Citation managers (Zotero)
                                                  1. pen and paper
                                                  2. what do you think about what the author states?
                                                    1. does it support or refute your own (working) thesis?
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