American West: The Mormons

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American West: The Mormons
1 Mormon Beliefs
1.1 Practiced polygamy
1.1.1 More than one wife
1.2 Thought they were gods chosen people
1.2.1 Felt they were superior to others
1.3 Believed in race equality- treated blacks and Indians as equals
1.4 Against drinking and gambling
1.5 Believed they had to make Gods kingdom on earth
1.6 Mormons were often persecuted for their beliefs
1.7 Non-Mormons thought polygamy was immoral
1.7.1 Worried it'd lead to more Mormons
1.8 Mormons were arrogant to non-Mormons
1.9 Some Mormons attacked/ robbed gentiles
1.9.1 Gentiles was the name given to non-Mormons
2 Mormons journey west across The Great Plains
2.1 Joseph Smith
2.1.1 In 1823, a poor farmer(Smith) claimed he had dug up some gold plates Contained messages from God Visited by the angel, Moroni
2.1.2 He preached his message, by 1830's he had over 100 followers Called the Church of Latter-Day Saints
2.2 Kirtland (1831-37)
2.2.1 Kirtland was his Zion (Heavenly city)
2.2.2 He built a temple and a Bank Banks collapsed in the financial crisis that year Both Mormons and Non- Mormons lost their money This made Mormons more unpopular
2.3 Missouri (1837-38)
2.3.1 Friendly to Indians, wanted to end slavery
2.3.2 They formed a secret group called the DANITIES Many Non-Mormons believed it was set up to attack them
2.3.3 The governor of Missouri wanted to drive out the Mormons He wanted the Mormons exterminated
2.4 Nauvoo (1839-46)
2.4.1 Town was originally called Commerce, they renamed it
2.4.2 By 1845, 11,000 Mormons lived there
2.4.3 The 2 political parties in Illinois wanted the Mormons support
2.4.4 The Mormons were allowed to have their own laws
2.4.5 They had their own private army in return for their votes
3 Joseph Smith Dies
3.1 Claims to have received a revelation from God
3.1.1 Mormons could have more than one wife(Polygamy)
3.2 He was planning to run for the President of U.S.A
3.3 Non-Mormon mobs started roaming trying to kill Mormons
3.3.1 Killed Joseph smith in June 1845
4 Brigham Young
4.1 The Mormons were unpopular wherever they went
4.2 Young realised that to live how they wanted to live they had to go where no one else was
4.2.1 So they didn't get chased out by the people that were already there
4.3 September 1845, Young decided to move them to Salt Lake City Valley
4.4 The land was poor and dry
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