Ancient Greece


Everything you need to know about Ancient Greece. How they lived, what they did, and their affect on the world. All in a singular Mind Map.
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Ancient Greece
  1. Mechanics
    1. Pulleys and drive belts
      1. When lifting and moving heavy objects, these systems were used.
        1. The Ancient Crane was used
      2. Levers, gears and more
        1. Different inventions used these
          1. Archimedes' Claw
            1. Archimedes' Claw was used to grab the top of a ship , using a lever mechanism, and prevent it from moving.
      3. Roles
        1. Priests ran the temples and controlled the offerings given
          1. Farmers grew the crops needed to provide
            1. People had to spend time caring for others
            2. Structures
              1. Temples
                1. Every God had their own temple.
                  1. Poseidon, God of Sea
                    1. Sailors and fishermen often relied on this temple.
                    2. Zeus
                      1. All people can pray to the King God about anything
                        1. Inspiration and understanding
                      2. Demeter, Goddess of harvest and vegetation
                  2. Society
                    1. Oligarchy
                      1. Advantage
                        1. Small group of people ruled
                          1. Stable community
                          2. Disadvantage
                            1. Unfair on slaves
                              1. Not enough freedom
                            2. Monarchy
                              1. Advantage
                                1. You could get a fair Monarch
                                2. Disadvantage
                                  1. Monarchs are looked after whilst their people are suffering
                                3. Democracy
                                  1. Advantage
                                    1. The 500 citizens chosen provided different view points
                                      1. Fair for everyone
                                      2. Disadvantage
                                        1. The 'drawing' was random so not always the best leaders were chosen. This meant if there were more people trying to make the bad decision then good, the best things won't happen.
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