Chapter 4 Value-Adding Chain Relationships

Bhavin Mistry
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Chapter 4 Value-Adding Chain Relationships
1 S1 What is added value
1.1 Value and added value
1.2 Value chain or value stream
1.3 Value system or value network
1.4 Supply chain linkages
1.5 Waste concept
1.6 Value flow
1.7 Relationship between processes and added value outcomes
2 S2 Sources of added value
2.1 Economic and customer value
2.2 Price and cost management
2.3 Eliminating waste
2.3.1 Taichi Ohno 7 wastes
2.4 Improving quality
2.5 Timescales
2.6 Quantities
2.7 Place consideration
3 S3 Value-adding relationship management
3.1 Benefits of positive relationship management
3.2 Cost of relationship management
4 S4 Developing opportunities in SC relationships
4.1 Why develop opportunities in relationships
4.2 ESI
4.3 Ethical, environmental or sustainable supply
4.4 TQM and continuous improvement
4.5 Outsourcing
4.6 Developing supply chain management
4.7 Lean supply
4.8 Agile supply
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