Chapter 1 - Commercial Relationships

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Chapter 1 - Commercial Relationships
1 S1 - The nature of commercial relationships
1.1 Relationship Drivers
1.1.1 Quality of interaction; Trust; Transparency; Commitment; Co-operation and collaboration; Mutuality
1.2 Features of a relationship
2 S2 - Internal and external supply relationships
2.1 Procurements customers
2.2 Procurement as an internal consultancy
2.3 Characteristics of internal relationships
2.4 Internal and external stakeholders
2.5 Procurement Marketing
2.6 Cross-functional relationships
2.7 Cross-functional teams in procurement
3 S3 The relationship spectrum
3.1 Relationship spectrum
3.2 From multiple to single sourcing
3.3 Adversarial or competitive relationships
3.4 Collaborative relationships
3.5 Outsource relationships
3.6 Partnership relationships
4 S4 - Best relationship?
4.1 When is transactional approach appropriate?
4.2 Drivers of collaborative relationships
4.2.1 Partnering
4.3 The relationship lifecycle
4.4 Portfolio relationship
5 S5 Relationship lifecycle
5.1 The relationship lifecycle
5.2 Stages of relationship development
5.3 Using the lifecycle model
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