Our World Revision

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GCSE RS - Topic 1 - Our World mindmap

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Our World Revision
  1. Creation stories
    1. Christianity
      1. God created the world in 6 days then rested for the 7th
      2. Islam
        1. World created over 6 time periods (not days)
      3. Keywords
        1. Creation - How to world was created
          1. Dominion - Human control over the world
            1. Environment - The space we live in
              1. Humanity - Humankind
                1. Soul - The spiritual part of a human
                  1. Stewardship - The responsibility to look after the world
                  2. Talents
                    1. Should be used for good or they will be taken from you
                      1. Parable of the talents
                      2. Eg, medical talent
                        1. Should be used to save lives
                      3. Why are we here
                        1. Christianity
                          1. Use the Earth to live in, but look after it at the same time
                          2. Islam
                            1. The Earth is a gift, it needs to be cared for
                          3. How should animals be treated
                            1. Traditionally Christians believed the animals were put on Earth, by God, for the use of humans
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