"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"

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"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"
  1. Concerning Anger
    1. Like many siblings, me and my sister Kira fight, But at they end of the day we love each other and apologize.
      1. Within my social circle my friends and i get into fights, people say things they don't mean in the heat of the moment. Although I can be hot headed and sensitive i always am the first to apologize afterwards.
        1. During basketball games, occasionally the officiating becomes questionable. Sometimes i get angry but at the end of every game I apologize, shake their hand and thank them.
        2. Judging Others
          1. In grade 10 i was hospitalized for depression. From this experience I learnt the most about judging people. Most of these people treated as outcasts were amazing in their own way.
            1. Attending summer camp teaches you an important lesson about judging others. You are introduced to 55 people whom most you have never met before. If you judge them based on your first impressions you will have a terrible summer. I learnt to not judge people based on first impressions here. Sometimes people you least expect become your best friends.
              1. Overall keeping an open mind when faced with new challenges, I am up for new adventures with anyone.
              2. Salt and Light
                1. After being diagnosed with clinical depression and receiving treatment and coping strategies people often come to me with mental health questions, i happily share programs and strategies they can implement to help them cope.
                  1. After playing basketball for years, i used to help out with my youngest sister, Tegan's basketball team. Although i quit basketball i still help her with skills whenever i can.
                    1. My sister is now 16 years old, she is faced with many of the issues i had when going through high school. i try my best to give her advice in advance before she has to learn the lesson they hard way.
                    2. The Narrow Gate
                      1. Throughout high school you are faced with many dilemmas, one of them being those you call friends. It's easy to get caught up in friends who are not good for you. I made this mistake in grade 11 and only this year distanced myself from them.
                        1. Staying focused in school and on top of work requires hard work. its easy to fall behind and become discouraged. I am motived to maintain a high average in order to get money for schooling. this requires giving up time with friends.
                          1. Staying drug free and not giving in to peer pressure
                          2. Concerning Self-Deception
                            1. Respecting others property, returning items found at school to they lost and found
                              1. Studying and working hard on my assignments instead of cheating
                                1. Being honest when creating resumes
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