World War I

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World War I
1 1908: Wilhelm takes power in Germany
1.1 militarizes Germany
1.2 expands Germany, builds up Navy
1.3 Challenges Britain and French
2 1907: Britain, France and Russia become the triple entente
2.1 Rival Alliance forms, Triple Alliance (Italy, Austria-Hungary, Germany)
3 June 28, 1914: Franz Ferdinand was shot and killed by serbian nationalist
3.1.1 Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia
3.1.2 Russia comes to defend Serbia
3.1.3 Germany declares war on Russia bc troops mobilize on their border
3.1.4 Germany marches through Belgium to attack France
3.1.5 Belgium declares war on Germany
4 Alliances
4.1 Central Powers: Germany, Austria Hungary, Ottoman Empire
4.2 Allies: Russia, Great Britain, France, Italy and the US
5 WEAPONS: machine guns, poison gas, tanks, airplanes, subs
6 Solider life
6.1 slept in mud with rats and insects
6.2 poor food
6.3 little sleep
6.4 Running into machine gun fire
6.5 getting shelled
7 Other Places in the War
7.1 Eastern Front: Russians getting beaten badly
7.2 Ottoman front: battles where allies try to resupply Russia. Allies lose but find success with Arab revolts
7.3 Italians: only helped divert some Austrian forces
7.4 Japan: declares war on Germany
7.5 Britain and France won land in Africa
8.1 revolutionaries drive Czar out of power
8.2 set up new government
8.3 promised to stay in war
8.4 Led by Kerensky
8.5 drops out of war in 1917
9.1 start unrestricted warfare
9.1.1 Sink Lusitania which almost brings US into the war They knew it would, but were hoping they could get GB to back out before US entered
9.2 Send Zimmerman telegram to Mexico
9.2.1 intercepted by US
9.3 1917, send lenin back to russia
10 US declares war April 2, 1917
11 WWI effects on Germany:
11.1 lost land
11.2 paid reparations
11.3 gave up territory
11.4 limited military
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