Paris Peace Conference

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Paris Peace Conference
1 1918: US intervention & Hundred Days Off. demoralizes Imper. Ger. Army.
1.1 November Ger. Revolution of 1918: Eventual est. of Weimar Republic
1.1.1 Jan. 1918 US Pres. Wilson issues his Fourteen Points


  • Wilson's Fourteen Points set a plan for Europe's recovery. Free Trade Self-determination democracy Open Agreements
2 Armistice of Compiegne Nov. 11, 11 am, 1918
3 Wilson: US
3.1 Wants peace based on 14 Points
3.2 Wants a "League of Nations"
4 Clemenceau: FR
5 Lloyd-George: BR
6 Orlando: Italy
7 Treaty of Versailles June 28, 1919
7.1 Art. 231: War Guilt Clause
7.1.1 Ger. Responsible for all damage
7.1.2 Territorial concessions
7.1.3 Reparations
7.1.4 Disarmament
7.1.5 Limits on future military capability
7.1.6 US Authors: Dulles and Davis
7.1.7 "A Victor's Peace" - unduely harsh
7.2 US never ratifies the treaty
7.2.1 1921 Treaty of Berlin makes peace between US & Ger.
8 30 countries in all

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