Players and Treaties

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Players and Treaties
1 United States of America
1.1 President = Woodrow Wilson
2 United Kingdom
2.1 Prime Minister = Lloyd George
2.2 wanted to eliminate German fleet
2.3 end of german empire
2.4 defeat german plans to establish control in eastern europe
2.5 return to normal trade relations
2.6 wanted reparations from germany
2.7 wanted no new alliances
2.8 didn't support france in Alsace-Lorraine
3 France
3.1 President = George Clemenceau
3.2 france had suffered 2 million casualties and enormous devastation of land, industry, & housing
3.3 wanted to disarm germany, reduce territory, pay reparations
3.4 wanted Alsace- Lorraine
3.5 wanted to make the Rhine a puppet state of France
3.6 Wanted control of Luxembourg and Belgium
3.7 wanted Saar region in west germany as compensation
3.8 wanted firm alliance with US and UK
4 Italy
4.1 Leader = Vittorio Orlando
4.2 had been promised more land in treaty of london
4.3 wanted dalmation coast, trisste, south tyrol
4.4 walked out of Treaty of Versailles when they got nothing
5 Japan
5.1 wanted recognition for its dominant role in China
5.2 felt entitled to former German Islands it had conquered
5.3 sought recognition through a statement recognizing racial equality in the peace settlements
6 14 points:
6.1 self determination
6.1.1 nations with equal rights and equality have right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status
6.2 freedom of the seas
6.3 no alliances
6.4 no secret treaties
6.5 freedom of trade
6.6 end of colonies
6.7 make the world safe for democracy
7 Treaty of Versailles
7.1 treaty between allies and germany
7.2 reparations, billions in gold marks
7.3 germany could have no air force
7.4 could only have 100,000 soldiers
7.5 Alsace-Lorraine had to be given back to France
7.6 all colonies were given up
7.7 No german soldiers in rhineland
8 Treaty of St. Germain
8.1 Austrian Empire
8.2 dissolution of Austrian Empire
8.3 had to pay reparations
8.4 couldn't have large army
8.5 accepted all blame
8.6 had to consult league of nations
9 Treaty of Trianon
9.1 Hungary successor of Austria Hungary empire
9.2 lost 72% of territory, 64% of inhabitants
9.2.1 includes 3.3 mill ethnic Hungarians living outside of Hungary
9.3 had lots of political, economic, and social consequences
10 Treaty of Neuilly
10.1 Bulgaria
10.2 had to pay, give up land, accept defeat, take blame, weaken army, etc
10.3 "2nd National Catastrophe"
10.4 pushed them into arms of nazis before wwii
11 Treaty of Serves
11.1 former ottoman empire
11.2 kingdom of hejaz granted international recognition
11.3 Armenia recognized as established state
11.4 allies control ottoman empire's finances
11.5 Ottoman empire restricted to 50,700 men, navy could only have 7 sloops and 6 torpedo boats, no air force
11.6 France got Syria and neighboring parts of SE anatolia with other territories
11.7 Italy got Dodecanese Islands
12 Treaty of Lansanne
12.1 followed failure of Treaty of Sevres
12.2 stop of hostility between nationalists and allies
12.3 defined borders of modern turkey
12.4 turkey gave up claims to ottoman empire
12.5 allies recognize turkish sovereignty

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