Impact of cell phones on youth

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impacts of cellphones on youths mind map

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Impact of cell phones on youth
1 Health


  • (Cell Phone Health: Your Favourite Phone May Be Harming Your Health 2012)
1.1 emotional
1.1.1 73% of people feel panicked when they loose there phones “nomophobia,” this separation anxiety indicates a psychological dependence on cell phones because the devices are a convenient way for us to meet a basic human need Cell phones, are essential in our fast-paced lives, and it can destroy vital skills if they become the only way we communicate. Our face to face communiccaton skills will decrease.
1.2 eye sight
1.2.1 tiny fonts in bright screens can make you squint and strain your eyes Computer vision syndrome, an eye condition that can lead to dry eyes, difficulty focusing, and even double vision.
1.3 chronic pains
1.3.1 When you spend long hours in a forward flexed position, it creates postural changes over time pressure can lead to arthritis condition of the bones and pressure on the spine.
1.4 brain
1.4.1 electromagnetic fields created by phones can increase the chances of getting cancer
1.5 Driving
1.5.1 takes lives of countless youth drivers
2 School
2.1 Distraction
2.1.1 Texting during class loose concetration missing the lesson falling beind in school falling beind in school
2.1.2 distraction
2.2 take photos with camera
2.2.1 can be used to harass students bullying depression loss of interest to learning can be used to harass students
2.3 text slang
2.3.1 bad grammar
2.4 dissruption
2.4.1 aid for cheating on test and exams, by students sending one another test answers via text message suspension suspension
3 Safety


  • (Mobile Safety 2009) 
3.1 technology risks
3.1.1 text/Multi Messaging Texts containing personal information could be shared with other users and misused. Once the user sends the text, control is lost
3.1.2 camera/Photos sent to other users can be reproduced, altered, or posted online without the subject's consent or knowledge Altered in rude and unpleasant ways sexual or r rated photos are sent than it can go out of control
3.1.3 GPS users can be located and pinpointed within a few metres, and can tell users where they are located on a map stalking parents should talk
3.2 contact
3.2.1 breaking boundaries Texting, removes the social limits normally placed on face to face interaction. Without these limits, personal boundaries can be crossed earlier, and very personal, sometimes sexual comments or questions can be raised. child can be left feeling ashamed of the interaction later
3.2.2 meeting someone online Relationships that start online seem to progress faster than they do offline. quickly move to the child/adolescent wanting to meet up in person - they may not perceive any threat or need for safety precautions. they could end up getting raped, killed, or kidnapped
3.3.1 Downloads from disreputable sources may violate copyright laws, and have the potential to harbor malicious content (spam, viruses, etc.)
3.4 School Troubles
3.4.1 children are caught cheating or plagiarizing failing grade, suspension, expulsion
3.5 Spam/Advertising
3.5.1 Children aren't always able to identify 'spam' or advertising, and are therefore more susceptible to blatant marketing campaigns via text messaging parents should teach their children to think carefully before subscirbibg to a third party
3.6 Scams
3.6.1 risk of falling victim to fraudulent advertising campaigns via mobile browsing and text messaging. 'Spam' via text messaging is a growing problem, as advertisers learn to target mobile phone users.
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