Marxist view on the Family

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Marxist view on the Family
  1. See the family within the framework of a 'capitalist society'
    1. The Nuclear family is concerned with social control by teaching its members to submit to the capitalist class
      1. The Nuclear family reproduces unequal relationships, and works to damp down inevitable social conflict
        1. A 'capitalist society' which is based on private property, driven by profit and riddled with conflict between social classes
        2. Engels (1820-95)
          1. Believed that he monogamous nuclear family developed as a means to pass on property
            1. Monogamy - A form of marriage which a person can only be legally married to one partner at a time
              1. The family along with monogamy was an ideal mechanism as it provided a proof a paternity, and so property could be passed on to the right people
                1. Women's role in this family was not that different to that of prostitutes
                  1. She provided the sex and heirs
                    1. He provided the wife with economic security
                  2. Althusser (1971)
                    1. Argued that in order for capitalism to survive the working class must submit to the ruling class (bourgeoisie)
                      1. He suggested that the family is one of the ideological state apparatuses which teach the riling classes ideology
                        1. The ruling class must therefore maintain a false class consciousness, through winning the hearts and minds of the working class
                        2. Ideological State Apparatuses - Agencies which serve to spread the ideology, and justify the power of the dominant social class
                        3. Zaretsky (1976)
                          1. Emphasizes with the ideological role of the family in propping in capitalism
                            1. He sees the family as an escape route from oppression and exploitation at work
                              1. A private place where (particularly male workers) can enjoy a personal life and be valued as individuals as well as gain some control of their lives
                              2. The family helps workers to live with their daily oppression in the world of work
                                1. Families bolster capitalism
                                2. Criticisms
                                  1. The traditional Marxist's prespective tends to be old-fashioned
                                    1. The Idea that mean marry and have children ignores other reasons for getting married and forming family
                                      1. Many women now work and have independent incomes, and are therefore far less likely to marry for economic security
                                      2. Marriage is less of a social necessity
                                        1. The idea of families existing purely to pass on ruling class ideologies, ignores other things going on the family
                                          1. In the 2003 report 'Changing Britain, Changing Lives' it was found that people are now more likely to marry for love and affection rather than as a social obligation
                                            1. There is a growing emphasis on the emotional aspects of a relationship, and personal fulfilment for both men and women
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