Objectives of Tourism

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Objectives of Tourism
  1. Economic objectives
    1. Employment Creation
      1. Direct
        1. Bartender
        2. Indirect
          1. Builder
        3. Increased foreign earnings
          1. increase foreign tourism
            1. Tourist tax
              1. Increase in GDP
              2. increase visitor numbers and spendings
                1. Being promoted to new markets
                  1. Political stability
                    1. Improved security
                    2. More income for commercial operators
                      1. Economic development and the regeneration of infrastructure
                        1. Contribution to the multiplier effect
                          1. Money being spent by tourists is being recycled back into the economy
                        2. Environmental Objectives
                          1. Preservation of wildlife and fauna
                            1. National parks
                              1. Tour operators can provide tours
                            2. Conservation of natural and built environment
                              1. English Heritage
                                1. CADW
                                  1. National park authorities
                                    1. Woodland Trust
                                    2. Environment education
                                      1. National parks
                                        1. Visitor Centre
                                        2. Eden Project
                                        3. Stimulating environmental improvments
                                          1. Eden Project
                                            1. National Forest
                                          2. Political Objectives
                                            1. Enhancing the image of an area
                                              1. Provide employment
                                                1. ensuring the area is safe
                                                  1. Develop sustainable transport links
                                                    1. Create regional identity
                                                    2. Socio-cultural Objectives
                                                      1. Promoting understanding between the locals and tourists
                                                        1. Involve local people in the planning of the tour
                                                          1. Respect traditional customs and culture
                                                            1. Organise small groups of tourists to visit the communities
                                                            2. Improving the quality of life for the host communities
                                                              1. New facilities
                                                                1. Secondary Devlopment
                                                                2. Travel foundation
                                                                  1. Gambia
                                                                    1. Provide skills to areas to help benefit their life's (Kenya and shri lanka)
                                                                  2. Revival of traditional activities
                                                                    1. Travel foundation
                                                                      1. trained unemployed woman in lace making in the Sri Lanka
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