Impacts of Bullying

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Impacts of Bullying
  1. Health
    1. Mental Health
      1. behavioural problems
        1. In 10,000 adolescents 49.5% met the criteria for a psychiatric disorder. (Institute for Marital Healing, 2010)
          1. anxiety and disorders
            1. social anxiety
              1. panic disorder
                1. generalized anxiety disorder
                  1. oppositional defiant disorder
                    1. conduct disorder
                      1. Anxiety showed in 31.9%, Behaviour Disorders 19.1%, Mood Disorders 14.3%, Substance use Disorders 11.4% (Institute for Marital Healing, 2010)
                    2. depression
                      1. suicidal thoughts/actions
                        1. The suicide rate among 11-14 year olds has grown more than 50% in the last 3 decades. (The American Association of Suicidology, 2009)
                    3. Physical Health
                      1. substance abuse
                        1. A study found that students that experienced verbal abuse during their middle school years, were more likely to misuse alcohol in high school. (Council on Drug Abuse, 2011)
                        2. violent actions
                            1. 75% of school shootings have been linked to harassment and bullying against the shooter. (Headsup, 2014)
                        3. Education
                          1. Attendence
                            1. skipping school
                              1. Everyday approximately 160,000 teens skip school because they are, or fear being buliied (National Education Association, 2009)
                              1. Concentration
                                1. bad grades
                                  1. A UCLA study suggests that students who were bullied performed significantly worse accademically throughout the year, than their non-bullied peers. (UCLA, 2010)
                                2. less well accepted by peers
                                3. Social
                                    1. self esteem
                                      1. lonley
                                          1. confidence
                                            1. If a teen had a really low self esteem to begin with, they may start to believe the things that the bully is saying to them. They self-bully. (Healthy Children Magazine, 2008)
                                            2. trust issues
                                              1. Some long term affects of being bullied can include having difficulty trusting people. (Dombeck, 2014)
                                            3. green = conection
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