The amazon rainforest

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mindmap to show all about the amazon

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The amazon rainforest
  1. about
    1. covers an area of 8 billion km2- it is the largest rainforest in the world
      1. since the 1970s 600,000km2 has been destroyed due to deforestation
        1. logging, cattle ranching , mining
      2. South America- covers parts of Brazil, columbia, bolivia
      3. Negative impacts
        1. environmental
          1. habitat destructioin and loss of biodiversity-number of endagered species in brazil has risen by 410 in about 20 years
            1. The Amazon stores around 100 billion tonnes of carbon - deforestation will release this as co2 and it willl contribute to global warming
            2. social impacts
              1. local ways of life have been effected-Brazilian rubber tappers have lost their livlihoods ass rubber trees have been cut down
                1. native tribes have been forced to move off their land
                  1. There hass been conflict between large landowners and local farmers and native people- in 2009 there were riots in peru over rainforest destruction
                  2. economical
                    1. Farming makes alot of money for countries in the rainforest- in 2008 brazil made $7 billion from trading cattle
                      1. The mining industry creates alot of jobs for people
                    2. sustainable managment strategies
                      1. some defested areas are being replantesd with trees- Peru plans to replant 100,000 km2 of forest before 2018
                        1. some countries are ttrying to reduce the amount of hardwood trees felled- Brazil banned mahogony logging in 2001
                          1. ecotourism is becoming popular - pperu has around 70 lodges which atrracted 600,000 in 2007
                            1. environmental laws- the brazilian forest code says that landowners have to keep 50-80% of their land as forest
                              1. national parks- The central amazon conservation complex in brazil is the largest protected area of the rainforest
                                1. reducing debt- in 2008 USA reduced Perus debt by $25million in axchange for conservation of the rainforest
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