The role of the Gods and Goddesses in the Iliad

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The role of the Gods and Goddesses in the Iliad
  1. Hera
    1. Iris
      1. XVIII - Encourages him to stop wallowing in his own self pity and to return to battle
        1. XXIV - sent to Priam to tell to collect his son's body
        2. XVIII - Hates the Trojans
          1. Judgement of Paris
            1. Making trouble for them
          2. Athene
            1. VI - Against the Trojans - rejecting the offering of the women
              1. XVIII - Brings Achilles back to the battlefield
                1. XXII - Intervenes in the fight between Achilles and Hektor
                  1. Tells Achilles that she will help him in the fight
                    1. Disguises herself as Hector's brother ; Deiphobus
                      1. Gives Achilles a spear
                2. Thetis
                  1. XVIII - comforts Achilles when he hears of Patroclus' death
                    1. Family
                      1. Compassion
                        1. Goes to Hephaestus to get Achilles armour
                      2. XXIV - Sent to persuade Achilles to give Hektor's body back
                      3. Hephaestus
                        1. XVIII - Makes Achilles' armour
                          1. To repay Thetis
                            1. Shows Thetis Xenia
                            2. Shield
                              1. Life and death outside of war
                          2. Zeus
                            1. XXII - Not above Fate
                              1. Likes Hector but will not save him
                                1. Could be to avoid a war with the Gods
                              2. XXII - Lets the Greeks disfigure Hektor on his Father's land
                                1. XXIV- Zeus intervenes and orders the return of Hektor's body
                                  1. Iris is sent to get Thetis
                                2. Apollo
                                  1. XXII - Mocks Achilles - leading him from battle
                                    1. Shows Apollo's favour of Hektor/ Trojans
                                    2. Apollo deserts Hector
                                      1. Following the judgement of Zeus
                                      2. XXIV - Protects Hector's body after death
                                        1. Urges Hermes to steal his body
                                          1. Not agreed to by Hera, Athene and Poseidon
                                            1. Argues with Hera
                                      3. Hermes
                                        1. XXIV -Disguised as a Myrmidon to guide Priam through the Greek camp
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