Final Major Ideas

Katie Marshall
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Katie Marshall
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A mind map consisting of the ideas I had for my final major project in photography.

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Final Major Ideas
  1. Light & Shadow
    1. Macro Shots
      1. Natural and unnatural set-ups
        1. Using the Studio
        2. Abstract images
          1. Colour-based
          2. Animals
            1. Macro shots
              1. Focusing on house pets
                1. Dogs
                  1. Reptiles
                    1. Snakes
                      1. Lizards
                      2. Fish
                      3. Location shoots
                      4. Interpreting Anxiety
                        1. Different ways that people interpret their anxiety
                          1. Using personal experiences for inspiration
                            1. Asking on Public forums
                              1. Reddit, Twitter etc.
                                1. Anonymous platforms (eg. Yik Yak)
                              2. Symbolism / Metaphors
                                1. Photographer: John William Keedy
                                  1. 'It's Hardly Noticeable'
                                2. Both studio and location based shoots
                                  1. Portraits and close-ups
                                  2. Street-based Photography
                                    1. Portrait series akin to 'Humans of New York'
                                      1. Asking strangers questions
                                        1. Childhood aspirations
                                          1. Comparison
                                          2. Where they see themselves in the future
                                            1. Have questions answered on paper
                                              1. Show faces/just paper (if anonymity wanted)
                                            2. Photographer: Brandon Stanton
                                              1. Book Cover
                                            3. Landscapes
                                              1. Graffiti
                                                1. Buildings
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