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OMAM By Aishah Rao
  1. Themes
    1. Friendship
      1. George and Lennie are the ones, along with Candy and his dog, who really experience companionship and the importance of it
        1. Friendship is rare on the ranch
        2. Loneliness
          1. Curley's Wife
            1. Only female on the ranch. The men on the ranch may get in trouble with associating with her
              1. The only female on the ranch
              2. Crooks
                1. Crooks is segregated from the others in the ranch due to his colour and that he is African American
                2. Candy
                  1. Candy only has his dog as a companion, but loses this companionship when Carlson shoots his dog
                3. Dreams
                  1. The Dream of having their own ranch is what motivates George and Lennie; that good things can happen
                    1. Curleys Wifes dream is that she could have made it in "the pictures"
                      1. Crooks' dream is that he can live in a fair society without prejudice
                      2. Isolation
                        1. The card game solitaire is frequently played by George. Solitaire is emphasises that it is a one player game ; "solitary" and "solitaire"they both have the same linguistic root
                          1. Crooks has a room to himself in the barn, away from everyone else
                        2. Main Characters
                          1. George
                            1. Appearance
                              1. George is a small man, but has the brains and quick wit.
                                1. Wears denim trousers and denim coat - emphasises that he is an itinerant worker.
                              2. Lennie
                                1. Appearance
                                  1. "Sloping shoulders"
                                2. Slim
                                  1. Candy
                                    1. Curley
                                      1. Curley's Wife
                                        1. Crooks
                                        2. Historical & Social Context
                                          1. "Wall Street Crash"
                                            1. Itinerant workers
                                              1. Migrant workers
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