Life Skills Service

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Life Skills Service
  1. Homeless Hostels in Bristol
    1. Likely to be working with people residing in hostels on release and need to liaise with hostel staff re. use of premises.
    2. Bristol, Gloucester, Somerset & Wiltshire Community Rehabilitation Company
      1. Through the Gate (TTG) Service
        1. The Life Skills Service works under the TTG Service and will liaise closely with Offender Managers who oversee the clients resettlement plan.
        2. Education, Training & Employment (ETE) Service
          1. Life Skills Service interventions may include applications to voluntary or education services; need to ensure there is no cross over with the ETE Service.
          2. Family Support Service
            1. The Life Skills Service may support people who have needs around caring for family members; therefore, liaison with the family support service to understand what these needs are and how we can best support them without cross over is essential.
            2. Domestic Violence
              1. May need to discuss risk and safeguarding with this department if we are working with clients who are at risk or perpetrators of domestic violence.
            3. HM Prison Services
              1. HMP Bristol
                1. The service will need to liaise closely with HMP Bristol as we will run groups within the prison and need to have access to their notes so we can identify those with potential life skill needs.
              2. Bristol City Council Housing Department
                1. Volunteering Services
                  1. May refer clients to various voluntary organisations to address life skill needs.
                  2. Avon & Wiltshire Partnership
                    1. Will potentially need to liaise with mental health services to ensure there is no cross over of intervention if we have AWP service users on our caseload
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