Explain the main features of a postmodernist view of religion

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Small overview on the postmodernist view of religion

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Explain the main features of a postmodernist view of religion
  1. Religion as a social construct
    1. No right or wrong religion
      1. Personal spiritual search
        1. The religious supermarket and the pick and mix approach
          1. Living religion rather than intellectual faith
            1. Cultural constructs-Religion is now a way of life rather than a system of beliefs, therefore religion cannot be based on intellectual faith
            2. Allows the individual to select their own narrative. This could be from traditional religions, of from less traditional religions, this can also be a narrative with a combination of several religion, pick and mix.
            3. No one true religion, and remains agnostic agnostic about whether god exists and what God means. There is therefore an emphasis on individual choice the personal spiritual search.
            4. There can be no right or wrong religion. They are all merely reflections of their culture. Therefore, people can choose whether of not they are religious, or which religion suits them. There is no judgement as values and religious ideas are acceptable. Being truly religious is not about following specific dogmas.
            5. There is no one objective knowledge or absolute representation of reality. Our concepts and the way we see the world are influenced and formed by the particular culture or society we live in. Religion is seen as a CULTURAL CONCEPT. Religion reflects the way society expects people o behave. Religion no longer has a claim on absolute truth, they are relative truths.
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