Main features of a postmodernist view of religion.


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Main features of a postmodernist view of religion.
  1. there is no objective knowledge or absolute representation of reality. It is culture or society that dictates our concepts and the way we categorise and see the world. Hence religion is seen as a cultural construct. Religious claims have no claim to absolute truth. They are merely relative and subjective. This reliance on a person’s perspective therefore means that there is no grand or meta‐ narrative. Truth can no longer be discovered through reason and experience. In contrast, a modernist grand narrative would be the idea of an all‐powerful and all‐loving God who created and sustained the universe.
    1. Rejection of right and wrong.
      1. The emphasis is on personal spiritual search and allows the individual to select their own narrative. The narrative can be from a combination of several different religions, known as a ‘pick and mix’ approach.
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