Dictatorship- Nakul & Katrina 30-2

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Dictatorship- Nakul & Katrina 30-2
  1. Hitler
    1. Propaganda
      1. Hitler always showed the smiling faces of Germany, he never showed the death and ill treatment of the Jews. Hitler always showed his public that he is a charismatic leader and very strong, he never showed them how he acted when he was alone.
        1. With propaganda the individuals do not know what is really happening behind the scenes in society, they are not thinking for themselves. In this technique, a dictator will brainwash its people into thinking whatever they want and in some cases make groups fight against each other for power.
        2. Terror and fear
          1. Hitler killed many people and even saying that you didnt like him resulted in prison or death. He made people in his own country fear him because he was powerful and he controlled the army and government.
            1. This technique is used to make people fear and not express themselves like they would in a liberal society, they are not able to express themselves because they fear the chance of being killed.
            2. Indoctrination
              1. Hitler used youth groups to make the youth of the nation to assimilate to the German culture, and the Nazi Party.
                1. This technique takes away from an individuals right to express themselves and their rights and freedoms.
                2. Scapegoating
                  1. Hitler used the Jewish people as scapegoats, he made the people fear the Jewish people and hate them. Hitler had made the Jewish people a common enemy for the Germans.
                    1. This makes people believe what the dictator is saying rather than thinking for themselves, and this takes away from their rights.
                    2. Controlled participation
                      1. Made the opposition leave town, he controlled who participated in the elections as well. All the members of the election were chosen by the Nazi Party.
                        1. This technique of dictatorship rejected the values of liberalism because it took away peoples individual rights and their freedom.
                      2. Stalin
                        1. Terror and fear
                          1. The Purge and Show Trials were basically put in place for Stalin to get rid of any of his opponitst or those who did not agree with him.
                          2. Scapegoating
                            1. Stalin had many scapegoats he used. Stalin claimed a conspiracy of anti-Stalinist communists that planned to assassinate the entire Soviet leadership. This was the begining of the Purge trials.
                            2. Controlled participation
                              1. Indoctrination
                                1. Stalin used the education system to win over the youth of his day. He created youth groups called the Young Pioneers. There they would be taught about Stalin and all of the good he was doing. He also strongly discouraged any form of religion that was not Stalinism
                                2. Propaganda
                                  1. Stalin always showed the good and postve that he was doing. He had posters of him with children and being surrounded by smiling faces. Stalin's speeches were also a legendary form of propaganda.
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