Ariel Brown
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Ariel Brown
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My mind map to brainstorm my personal statement.

Resource summary

  1. Dad
    1. Death
      1. Alcoholism
        1. Addiction/mental health
          1. Negative stigma
          2. Psychiatrist
            1. Focus on drugs over patients
              1. Dad deserved more
                1. Importance of personalized care
                  1. Didn't listen to his needs
                  2. Want to be opposite of him
                2. Empathy
                  1. Interest in medicine
                    1. Questions, seeking answers
                      1. Went right back to school
                        1. A friend/classmate said I "wasn't ready" and would "break down"
                          1. Used as motivation
                            1. Wanted to turn my negative experience into something positive
                      2. Don't take anything for granted
                        1. Experienced firsthand how people feel their problems are "burdens"
                          1. Don't want to burden loved ones
                            1. Having a 3rd party to talk to can be helpful
                              1. Want to be that person who can support
                                1. Psychiatry
                      3. Kickboxing
                        1. Hard work
                          1. Stress relief
                            1. Discipline
                              1. Empowerment
                                1. Commitment
                                2. CAM
                                  1. Experience with different SES
                                    1. People chose to buy cigarettes even though very little $
                                    2. Patient interaction
                                      1. Taking vitals
                                        1. Recruitment for studies
                                          1. 62 year old man, sober for 30 years quit smoking 3 months ago
                                            1. listened to his life story even though not part of job requirment
                                          2. Positive outcomes of addiction
                                          3. Addiction
                                            1. Experience with psychiatric illness
                                              1. Saw how they view the world differently
                                                1. Observed psych evals
                                                2. Blood draws on people/doctors I work with
                                                  1. Intimidated at first but overcame
                                                3. ISCI
                                                  1. Stem cell research
                                                    1. Dr. Garlick
                                                      1. Seminar
                                                        1. Science in Society Club
                                                          1. Science literacy/communication/civic science
                                                            1. Trying to start a new club
                                                              1. Difficulties
                                                              2. Brooke Ellison
                                                        2. lab work v. clinical
                                                          1. missed patient interaction
                                                            1. no one to listen to/support directly
                                                          2. learning not to be afraid to ask ?s
                                                          3. RFL
                                                            1. Ben's dad dying
                                                            2. K2C
                                                              1. Different culture
                                                                1. Religion/faith
                                                                  1. First-gen. college students
                                                                  2. Motivating about learning
                                                                  3. Ethics Bowl
                                                                    1. Logic
                                                                      1. Ethics
                                                                      2. Theta
                                                                        1. push outside comfort zone
                                                                        2. like to LISTEN/good listener
                                                                          1. happiest when I can help/offer advice
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