collaborative working

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Mind Map on collaborative working, created by reevej514 on 05/05/2015.

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collaborative working
  1. video conferencing
    1. input devices
      1. microphone
        1. webcam
        2. output devices
          1. speakers or headphones
            1. monitor
            2. internet connection
              1. router
            3. email
              1. may get missed due to overload
                1. can attach document
                  1. answer in own time zone
                  2. social media
                    1. less formal
                      1. needs careful control in a company
                      2. document sharing
                        1. track changes shows changes made before and after
                          1. add comment shows comment in colour at side
                          2. text message
                            1. limited no. of characters
                              1. good for short messages
                              2. phone call
                                1. access anywhere; instant feedback
                                  1. can lose connection; international calls expensive
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