Jack and the beanstalk indoor

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Jack and the beanstalk indoor

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Jack and the beanstalk indoor
  1. Mathematics
    1. 2D shape beanstalk game
      1. Magic beans: Order to 10
      2. Ordering beanstalks / leaves by height / length
      3. Communication and language
        1. Role play: giant's castle
        2. Understanding the world
          1. Experiment: Growing plants, what do they need to grow? Place in different places
          2. Physical development
            1. Construct beanstalks using green blocks
              1. Cutting skills: Characters, masks, story, cone people
                1. Use the tweezers to sort the different beans into the correct pot
                2. Expressive art and design
                  1. Playdough mats
                    1. Pictures - paint colour using different media
                    2. PSED
                      1. Understanding the world: Technology
                        1. 2 simple: draw favourite character, retell story using a story board
                          1. You tube: story of Jack
                            1. Using the CD player to listen to the story
                            2. Reading
                              1. Word mats
                                1. Different versions of the story
                                2. Writing
                                  1. Story words: Write the story
                                    1. Writing frames
                                      1. Pencil control worksheets
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