Data Capture Methods - Cambridge Nationals ICT

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GCSE ICT Mind Map on Data Capture Methods - Cambridge Nationals ICT, created by Beth Coiley on 05/09/2015.

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Data Capture Methods - Cambridge Nationals ICT
  1. Barcode Readers
    1. Read barcodes attached to products
      1. Accompanied by a 13-digit number
        1. Read by a laser
          1. Applications
            1. Supermarkets
              1. Libraries
              2. Advantages
                1. Fast method of input
                2. Disadvantages
                  1. Needs specialised equipment
                    1. Easily damaged - can be hard to read
                      1. Must be in sight of reader
                    2. Paper-Based Forms
                      1. Advantages
                        1. Can be posted for completion
                          1. Can be handed physically to recipients
                          2. Disadvantages
                            1. Not environmentally friendly
                              1. Slow to process
                                1. May not be returned
                                  1. Inefficient
                                    1. Errors may not be immediately detected, which could affect data validity
                                  2. Online forms
                                    1. Features
                                      1. Radio button
                                        1. Select one item from a list of options - only one can be selected
                                        2. Text field
                                          1. Enter unique data
                                            1. e.g. Postcode
                                            2. Drop-down list
                                              1. Select one item from a predetermined list
                                              2. Tick box
                                                1. Choose one or more options from a range
                                            3. Control System Sensors
                                              1. E.g. Heat, light and moisture sensors
                                                1. Measure data, then use an ADC to convert analogue to digital signals
                                                  1. Processed data fed back into the system for control is called feedback
                                                    1. Applications
                                                      1. Monitoring greenhouse temperature
                                                        1. Weather data
                                                          1. Traffic control
                                                          2. Advantages
                                                            1. Can capture physical quantities
                                                              1. Accurate recording
                                                              2. Disadvantages
                                                                1. Equipment cost
                                                                  1. Requires specialist software
                                                                2. RFID Tags
                                                                  1. Applications
                                                                    1. Payment systems
                                                                      1. Supply chain efficiency
                                                                        1. Military goods tracking
                                                                        2. Advantages
                                                                          1. Tag does not need to be in sight of the reader
                                                                            1. Location known at all times
                                                                            2. Disadvantages
                                                                              1. Needs specialist equipment
                                                                            3. Near-Field Communication (NFC)
                                                                              1. Applications
                                                                                1. Contactless transactions
                                                                                  1. Data exchange at close quarters
                                                                                  2. Advantages
                                                                                    1. Simple to set up
                                                                                      1. Low speed connection
                                                                                      2. Disadvantages
                                                                                        1. Devices must be close together
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