Imperialism Causes

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Mind map on new imperialism's causes. :)

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Imperialism Causes
  1. Economic Causes
    1. Need for raw resources
      1. eg. Wood
      2. Desire to expand trade and markets
        1. Investment of profits
          1. Outlet needed for growing populations
            1. Economies strengthend by Industrial Revolution
            2. Political and Miltary Causes
              1. Bases needed for merchant and naval ships
                1. Trade
                  1. Defence/Discovery
                  2. Nationalism
                    1. National Security
                      1. Prestige of global empire
                        1. Strong, centerally governed nation states
                        2. Social Causes
                          1. Desire to spread Christianity
                            1. Prodestants
                            2. Desire to share Western Civilisation
                              1. Increased European self-confidence
                                1. Social Darwinism
                                2. Technological Causes
                                  1. New Medical Knowlege
                                    1. Advances in weapory
                                      1. New methods of transport/travel
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