A Constable Calls

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A Constable Calls
  1. Structure and Form
    1. 9 short quatrained stanzas which build the fear, tension and distrust
      1. The absences of a rhyme scheme shows a lack of control and makes the poem much more storylike (and childlike)
        1. The use of puctuation compliments the building drama
          1. The young Heaney's discomfort extends the narrative forming a snappy pace with enjambment in two quatrians
            1. Final two stanzas similar in pace to the opening stanzas- the poems comes full circle
            2. Language
              1. Sound effects
                1. Alliteration
                  1. "black hole in the barracks"
                  2. Sibilance
                    1. "I sat staring at the polished holster"
                    2. Onomatopoeia
                      1. "The bicycle ticked, ticked, ticked"
                    3. The poem features vivid imagery throughout
                    4. Tone
                      1. The tone in the opening is neutral and factual
                        1. The tone develops during the poem, showing disgust and sickened distastefulness at the policeman but also guilt at crimes which the child thinks serious. The guilt the young Heaney feels develops to fear at the power he weilds
                          1. Heaney's tone while the policeman exits the house feels formal and unfriendly, this emphasises the tension which must have been in the room, the reader finds themselves involuntarily holding their breath as they wait for something to happen
                          2. Themes
                            1. Distrust and fear
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