Close Reading

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How to answer Close Reading questions in English.

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Close Reading
1 Understanding
1.1 Key Skills:
1.1.1 Skimming
1.1.2 Identifying information
1.1.3 Explaining answer simply in own words
1.2 Link
1.2.1 How ideas are joined.
1.2.2 - QUOTATION 1 refers back to (insert point) - QUOTATION 2 refers forward to (insert point)
1.3 Context
1.3.1 Meaning of a word
1.3.2 Explain meaning of word Word that helps understand context Explain
2 Word Choice
2.1 Quote
2.1.1 Connotations Effect
3 Imagery
3.1 What is being compared to what?
3.1.1 Explain similarity Evaluate effectiveness
4 Sentence Structure
4.1 Whenever simple sentence pattern has been altered.
4.2 Anything unusual / use of punctuation
5 Evaluation
5.1 Consider writers' purpose
5.2 Conclusion
5.2.1 To sum up - does it refer back? Give final image / view? Leave reader with a question to ponder?
6.1 Read blurb
6.2 Read titles for clues as to writers' stance
6.3 Focus on introduction:
6.3.1 What has been done to intrigue reader?
6.3.2 Have you got a clear idea of the writers' stance?
6.4 Annotate as you read
6.5 Topic sentences give a feel for main points
6.6 Focus on conclusion:
6.6.1 Were you satisfied with it?
6.6.2 Has the writer linked back to anything?
7.1 Colon : used to introduce elaboration
7.2 semi-colon ; used to connect 2 sentences
7.3 Parenthesis () - - used to add information
7.4 Italics / bold used for emphasis
7.5 Inversion used for emphasis
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