The Yellow Wallpaper Quotes & Analysis

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The Yellow Wallpaper Quotes & Analysis
  1. Setting
    1. "Three miles from the village."
      1. This highlights just how isolated the narrator is from human contact.
        1. This complete sense of isolation has a very significant effect on the narrator and her mental state.
        2. "Nursery at the top of the house."
          1. This emphasises the control John has over his wife, as he neglects her from the outside world.
            1. It is also suggested, that John treats the narrator like a child and is very condescending towards her, which does not help her feel any better.
          2. Symbolism
            1. "The colour is repellent, almost revolting."
              1. The narrator has developed a complete hatred towards the wallpaper.
                1. It can be said that, this symbolises her unhappy marriage, and also, the pattern symbolises a prison for her and other women at that time.
                2. "She is all the time trying to climb through."
                  1. The narrator believes that there is a woman trying to escape from behind the wallpaper, as her illness starts to take over.
                    1. This suggests that the woman, behind the paper, symbolises the trapped feeling the narrator has in her marriage, and also the freedom and equality women in the 19th century dreamed to receive.
                    2. "Most women do not creep by daylight."
                      1. This symbolises the lack of freedom, not only the narrator has, but most women in the 19th century had as well.
                        1. It is apparent that her illness is progressively deteriorating the longer she lives in the mansion, away from her child and the community.
                      2. Characterisation
                        1. "John laughs at me, of course, but one expects that in marriage."
                          1. In a marriage, it would be expected that a person would be comforted in this type of situation and not judged.
                            1. It can be said that all John truly wanted from the narrator was for her to be a basic housewife, which could be considered the norm at this time.
                              1. Though the narrator does not think too much of John’s behaviour at the start of the story, it becomes more apparent throughout the text that he is a reason for her mental state completely deteriorating.
                              2. "What is one to do?"
                                1. The narrator is angered by her situation, as she believes she knows what is best for her, but will not question her husband’s expertise.
                                  1. This is a result of the oppression she has been subjected to by him for many years, as she just gives in to his authoritative control.
                                    1. At this time, the narrator would be seen as a nervous wreck, whereas, society would view John as a practical and rational person.
                                    2. "As if couldn't see through him!"
                                      1. She encloses herself into her own world that she starts to lose her sense of reality.
                                        1. Her lack of communication with her closest ones leads her feeling suspicious about everyone.
                                          1. She believes that, like the wallpaper, there is another meaning hidden underneath them.
                                            1. Does not believe in John's caring attitude.
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