Area of Study 2 - Health care in Australia

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Area of Study 2 - Health care in Australia
  1. Dot point 2
    1. The role of VicHealth including its mission and strategic priorities as well as potential health outcomes from VicHealth
      1. VicHealth
        1. The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (commonly referred to as VicHealth) is a Victorian government funded body that works with organisations, communities and individuals. The main concerns of VicHealth are health promotion and illness prevention
        2. Role of VicHealth
          1. Funding programs
            1. Sponsorship
              1. Advocate for health promotion
                1. Research & evaulation
                2. Mission
                  1. In partnership with others, we promote good health
                    1. We recognise that the social and economic conditions for all people influence their health
                      1. We promote fairness and opportunity for better health
                        1. We support initiatives that assist individuals, communities, workplaces and broader society to improve wellbeing
                          1. Seek to prevent chronic conditions for all Victorians
                          2. Strategic priotities
                            1. TEMPA
                              1. Prevent tobacco smoking
                                1. Encourage healthy eating
                                  1. Improve mental wellbeing
                                    1. Encourage regular physical activity
                                      1. Prevent harm from alcohol
                                    2. TeamUp
                                      1. It is a social networking program that involves the use of a mobile phone application to enable and encourage those who are not currently active to participate in more physical activity through social means. Aims to increase physical activity among those who are not adequately active by engaging with others in similar situations and takeaway barriers
                                  2. Dot point 1
                                    1. Models of health and health promotion including the biomedical and social models of health and the ottawa charter for health promotion
                                      1. Social model of health
                                        1. “Preventative” approach to healthcare , attempts to address the broader influences on health, doesn’t look at disease and injury itself , focuses on the community
                                        2. Biomedical model of health
                                          1. A 'fix-it' approach to healthcare that focuses on the physiological aspects of a disease and treats the symptoms once they're present. It also relies heavily upon health professional and technology.
                                          2. Principles of health promotion campaigns
                                            1. AREAS
                                              1. Addresses the broader determinants of health
                                                1. Reduce social inequities
                                                  1. Empowers individuals and communities
                                                    1. Acts to enable access to healthcare
                                                      1. Intersectorial collaboration
                                                    2. Ottawa charter for health promotion
                                                      1. The process of enabling people to increase control and improve their health
                                                        1. 3 strategies
                                                          1. Adovate
                                                            1. Mediate
                                                              1. Enable
                                                              2. 5 priorities (BCSDR)
                                                                1. Build healthy public policy
                                                                  1. Create supportive environments
                                                                    1. Strengthen community action
                                                                      1. Develop personal skills
                                                                        1. Reorient health services
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