What is a good design?


High School Diploma Science (Engineering Design) Mind Map on What is a good design?, created by Niat Habtemariam on 10/12/2013.
Niat Habtemariam
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Niat Habtemariam
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What is a good design?
  1. Functionality
    1. Fulfills intended purpose
      1. Actually works
        1. Functions/Works well
        2. Quality
          1. Meets a set minimum standard
            1. Functions for its intended lifetime
            2. Saftey
              1. Complies with regulations
                1. Can operate product safely
                2. Erognomics
                  1. Able to operate easily and efficiently
                    1. Comfortable for users
                    2. Aesthetics
                      1. Has an appealing appearance
                        1. In line with current trends
                          1. Complies with beauty and nature principles
                          2. Universal Acessibility
                            1. Can be used by all people
                              1. Free of barriers that would prohibit other people
                              2. Environmental Impact
                                1. Doesn't adversely affect environment
                                  1. What happens to product when its lifetime is over?
                                  2. Economics
                                    1. Can be manufactured in a cost-efficient manner
                                      1. Doesn't sacrifice other design considerations
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