Action Potentials

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Action Potentials
  1. Large, brief reversal of potential in axonal plasma membrane
    1. Initiated by stimulus, 3 factors
      1. Depolarisation
        1. Large concentration of Na+ ions cross plasma membrane
          1. Once threshold reached (~-50mV)
            1. Voltage-sensitive Na+ channels open allowing more Na+ to rush into cell
              1. Produces large shift in polarity of neuron
                1. Now an all or nothing response
        2. Repolarisation
          1. Once polarity reaches peak (~30-50mV)
            1. Na+ channels are inactivated
              1. K+ moves out of cell to repolarise it
                1. Repolarise: Return to resting potential
          2. Hyperpolarisation
            1. Voltage of membrane reverses again
              1. Goes slightly below resting potential (~-80mV)
                1. Returns to resting baseline
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