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  1. Project Manager


    • Esta enfocado al trabajo
    1. The Project is often uniquely capable of answerig many of the technical and Project management questions that ariseduring bidder conferrences.
      1. Project Manager work with the procurement manager to manage neccesary changes to the contract
        1. Do not ask for something that is not in the contract without making a corresponding change to the contract
          1. Help make sure all the work in the contract is done
            1. Identify risk and incorporate mitigation and allocation of risks into the contract to decrease project risk
              1. Make sure the contract contains all the scope of work and all the Project management requirements
                1. Understand what contract terms and conditions mean so, can read and understand contracts.
                  1. Know the procurement process and know what will happen when and can plan for it
                    1. Include the time required to complete the procurement process into the Schedule for the Project
                    2. Procurement Manager
                      1. Experto en el tema: Temas legales, habilidades de negociación
                        1. Determina el tipo de contrato: RFP, IFB, RFQ
                          1. Es responsable y quien crea el contrato, cuando hay cambios en el documento el los realiza
                            1. Apoyo para identificar que está y no está en el contrato o que significa cierta parte del contrato
                              1. Al cierre, realiza los aspectos legales relacionados con el cierre del contrato
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