Game Industry

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Game industry

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Game Industry
  1. Bussines


    • Nintendo Ubisoft EA Sony Square Enix Microsoft Bandai Namco Games Activision Blizzard
    1. Publishers
      1. Game development companies
      2. Platforms
        1. PC
          1. Console
            1. Mobile
              1. Android
                1. iOS
                2. Social
                  1. Web
                  2. Technical components/activities
                    1. Art
                      1. 2D
                        1. 3D
                          1. Animation
                          2. Development
                            1. Code development
                              1. Tools development
                              2. Game design
                                1. QA
                                  1. Work with game engines
                                    1. Law
                                    2. Game budget
                                      1. Big
                                        1. AAA


                                          • Simulations
                                        2. Small
                                          1. Casual
                                            1. Social
                                              1. On-line casinos
                                            2. Ways to monetize
                                              1. Sale of copies
                                                1. Subscription
                                                  1. Inside monetizing
                                                    1. Advertizments
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