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  1. Why is it Addictive?
    1. Easy way to escape reality
      1. People can detach themselves from real life and escape into their imagination through video games
      2. Beating High Scores
        1. Beating high scores can make you feel good about yourself
        2. Beating the Game
          1. Same as beating a high score, you feel good about yourself
          2. Builds Relationships
            1. You can chat with other people playing multi player games so it can boost your social skills
            2. Emotional Attachment to Characters
              1. Sometimes if a game has a good story line, people can get attached to the main characters and will play just for that
              2. Exploring Different Worlds
                1. If a game has a good graphic design you can admire the beauty and creativeness of other people creations
              3. Other Positives
                1. Improves Reflexes
                  1. Improves Reflexes for physical activity
                  2. Builds Social Skills
                    1. Play and chat with people worldwide to help improve social skills
                    2. Kids Can Learn Educational Values From Video Games
                      1. Games can provide knowledge for the kids playing them
                    3. Violence
                      1. More than 91% of kids play video games, and 90% of all popular video games contain violence. For every year, there is an estimate of 3000 kids that make aggressive attacks every year.
                      2. Educational Values
                        1. Sandbox games can give kids creativity and architectural skills for future experiences. 70% of schools use mathletics to teach students math greatly improving their mathematic skills. You can create any game that can show anybody anything that you wish to teach, this could mean endless possibilities for educational values. It works because they combine the love of Video Gaming with educational purpose to teach the youth of our society.
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