Jay Rock War

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Jay From Rock War Mind Map Austin Hale

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Jay Rock War
    1. Jay has got green eyes and is skinny and weedy, unlike his brothers who are quite well built. He has normal brown hair which isn't styled in any certain way. He normally wears hand me downs from his siblings.
      1. The strangest thing about Jay is he is nothing like his brothers. His brothers are all big strong boys but he is skinny and weak. It doesn't describe how he speaks but I presume its some British slang.
        1. The protagonist of the book is called Jay. He is the lead guitarist in the group Jet. He is 14 years old and is a boy. He is British.
        2. Personality
          1. Jay is very talented in Song writing and guitar playing this is why he is part of the band Jet.
            1. Jays backstory is very different compared to his siblings as he has a completely different Dad. Due to the fact he was an accident and wasn't supposed to be born.
              1. "Does everyone have to know my life story?" Jay complained. page 47. This was said when Jay's mum was telling a friend how Jay was born
              2. Jays primary weakness is his lack of strength, this is because he can get beat up by students at his school and by his younger brother. This can really get on Jays nerves.
                1. "But Jay's like Mr. twig arms or something" said Tristan. page 5. This was said when Tristan heard he got beat up by his brother.
                2. Jay is reasonably behaved and is a very good pupil at school, he seems reasonably smart compared to the other kids in his year as well.
                  1. "And Jay's our little brainbox." said Jay's mum. Page 49. This was meant to say that Jay was smart.
                  2. One thing about Jay is that his is very open minded and willing to try new ideas wether it is his own or someone else's.
                    1. "Maybe I'll try catching up with him" Jay said. Page 43. This is when Jay was looking for a new drummer to join the band
                    2. Jay dresses in pretty regular clothes mostly handed down from his older siblings but nothing to smart or expensive.
                      1. A big problem with Jay is that he struggles to make many friends. This really got on his nerves when he fell out with one of his only friends as he didn't have many others to hang out with.
                        1. "I had two friends and a band and now I've totally screwed that up". Page 147. This was said when Jay got kicked out the band.
                      2. Identification Factors
                        1. The internal conflict for Jay is the fact he lost his friend. Tristan was one of Jays good friends and he was in a band with him until they lost in a rock competition, this was because of Tristan's drumming. Jay went out to find a new drummer, Jay found a new drummer and took a video of him, he showed it to the band but it made Tristan go crazy and long story short Jay got kicked out of the band This really upset Jay because one he lost his best friend and two he got kicked out the band.
                          1. The external conflict is the fact that Jay couldn't see his other firends this is because when Jay got kicked out the band his friends stayed with Trsitan. Even though Jay was still friends with them he just couldn't see them, as they didn't want the band thing to be too serious. This upset Jay even more and he became very lonely.
                            1. Jays primary flaw is the fact he will do anything to get what he wants, this may be give up on you friends or argue with other people. This can get on some peoples nerves too. Jay isn't too bad though so you can't get that mad at him
                              1. One important scene was the meeting of a new drummer. This had a good and a bad outcome, the bad is that Jay got kicked out of the band and fell out with one of his best friends, but the good is that after he got kicked out he created a better band with that drummer and went on to win a rock concert. It was truly a vital scene.
                              2. Inner Journey
                                1. Not a lot of things are mentioned about Jay and motivation but I can imagine that the best rock stars motivate him and the fact that he could be like that one day
                                  1. Jay really wants to become a Rock star in his very own band. He wants to be a Rock Star so bad he is willing to give up friendships. Jay is very dedicated.
                                    1. Jay is most afraid of losing rock competitions. He puts lots of hard work and dedication into his music and he likes to see it pay off, that is why he is most afraid of losing Rock Concerts
                                      1. In the story it doesn't mention of any mask but I can imagine that due to the fact he has lots of brothers and sisters it kind of drag all the attention of him. When people Jay they probably think of his brother Theo who is really tough and served jail time.
                                        1. Jay would probably be remembered for playing his guitar and song writing. As that is mostly what he did I think people would remember him /for that the most.
                                          1. I think what Jay didn't know was that he shouldn't of quit on his friends, even though he won the Rock Competition he was still quite depressed due to the fact he lost one of his best friends. That is the primary thing Jay should of knew.
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